Zhongguancun Standardization Association (ZSA) is a science and technology organization established in 2016 with the support of Zhongguancun Science Park Administrative Committee and relevant national departments. The association currently has 76 member units, and its main members are leading standards alliances and technology companies in various fields of science and technology. The ZSA undertakes the task of creating the “Zhongguancun Standard. Its main work is to organize industrial alliances, associations, chambers of Commerce, enterprises and institutions, scientific research institutes to formulate, identify and implement Zhongguancun standards. As of December 31, 2019, 43 Zhongguancun Standards have been released, and the dual-language version of the Zhongguancun Standards has been fully implemented.

"Zhongguancun Standard" is a common brand of advanced association standards. Its mission is to support the formation of world-class technologies, products and services, to open up the channel of standards to the market, and to escort the implementation of major projects, engineering construction and consumption upgrades!

The ZSA unites various association standards and third-party standard service organizations to serve technology companies and their users. The business layout covers all key links of the association standards life cycle. Including demand, planning, creation, comparison, identification, release, testing and certification, market application, performance evaluation, etc. Especially in promoting the application of service and products based on "Zhongguancun Standards" in important national markets, such as national major projects and biding, ZSA would play a irreplaceable role.

ZSA's strategic goals by 2025:Aiming at the ten high-tech industries and covering key scientific and technological directions, a total of 200 "Zhongguancun Standards" will be released. Supporting innovation-driven strategies, Forming a batch of advantageous industries.

The ZSA adheres to the basic principles of "internationalization, marketization, and industrialization" and builds an international standardization organization. The association will represent China, based on the world, and build the "Zhongguancun Standards" into a beautiful business card for Chinese innovation.