1.Global work philosophy and ideas

The Zhongguancun Standardization Association will fully face the world and carry out activities with the goal of building the world's leading standardization organization,In the process of establishing and carrying out activities, we will carry out a series of work combining standardization and industrialization with a global perspective, attracting global talents, using globally recognized advanced organizational methods, and innovative ideas

(1) Absorb internationally renowned standardization and industrialization talents to participate in the work:

① Zhongguancun Standardization Association hires well-known experts with rich experience in international standardization work as its president. Not only is he familiar with the basic principles of international standardization work, he has also participated in a number of international standards work, and held important positions in well-known technical standardization organizations.

Recruit well-known international standardization experts as members of the Zhongguancun Standardization Association expert group to provide specific technical guidance with international ideas for the work of the Zhongguancun Standardization Association.

International technical and standardization experts are regularly invited to communicate with Zhongguancun Standardization Association. International experts are invited to participate in various activities organized by Zhongguancun Standardization Association, including technical introduction, standardization discussion, industrial exchange, etc.

2Absorb the advanced international experience and carry out international innovation from the working mechanism of Zhongguancun Standardization Association

① The Zhongguancun Standardization Association adopts an internationally advanced organization method, that is, the member representative assembly is the highest authority, the council formulates the strategy for the association, the secretariat performs specific work, the technical committee performs technical work, and the market committee performs a series of market promotion tasks. This is also a new organization method confirmed after learning the basic organization methods of advanced international standardization alliances and organizations such as IEEE and ASTM.

② The establishment of the International Department is mainly designed for the association to conduct international exchanges with other international standardization organizations, regional standards organizations and industry associations, organize members of the association to conduct international investigations and exchanges, and organize international experts to come to China for technical propaganda and standardization exchanges.

3Abandon the regional and local concepts from the work concept of the association, and incorporate various international and domestic forces to serve the association:

In terms of the level of membership, there shall be members of the governing unit and ordinary members, without any restrictions on the registration place, national area, nationality and permanent residence of individual members, so as to learn international advanced experience and extensively absorb international and domestic enterprises and scientific research institutes to work.

The scope of the association's work is international. At the beginning of its establishment, it used various channels to strive to establish overseas association branches. In the name of Zhongguancun Standardization Association, overseas branches of zhongguancun Standardization Association are set up in important standardization hotspots to handle personnel exchanges, technical cooperation, market joint promotion, standard testing and certification and other work of the association, which has become a loud symbol of China's standardization work in the world.

The scope of the association's standard application is open to the international community, and foreign companies or individuals are encouraged to actively promote the local application and implementation of the Zhongguancun standard, actively participate in the work of testing and certification, and actively carry out international publicity and promotion. As long as the units willing to adopt the Zhongguancun Standards, regardless of region, country, or form, they can cooperate with the Zhongguancun Standardization Association through consultation to facilitate the international promotion of Zhongguancun Standards and expand the influence of the ZSA.

2.Professional work attitude and standardized work process.

The goal of the Zhongguancun Standardization Association is to become an internationally renowned and domestic leading organization for standard formulation, release, implementation and service. In order to achieve these goals, we will adhere to professional working attitude and standardized working process from the beginning of its establishment, and provide solid institutional guarantee for further expanding the influence of Zhongguancun Standardization Association and formulating effective factual standards.

The association formulates a series of normative documents, including the Working Regulations of Zhongguancun Standardization Association, to regulate a series of internal and external work of the Association, so as to ensure the standardization and professionalism of future work. In the process of establishing the work rules, which are widely absorbed from the domestic and foreign advanced standards organization and group work rules formulated by the content, consult with rich organization for standardization work experience at home and abroad of technology and standardization experts, led by the competent department of the government, industry associations and industry alliance, technology and standardization experts, such as scientific research institutes of experts and professors to participate in the formulation and modification of the articles of association of the work. Use the most solid logical foundation, the deepest practical experience, the broadest balance of interests, and the most reasonable organizational form to form a set of work regulations that are most suitable for the Zhongguancun Standardization Association, which will become the constitution of the Zhongguancun Standardization Association and guide the future development of the association. A series of work to ensure the standardization and legalization of the work of the association.

3.Take industrialization as the only criterion for success.

One of the main tasks of Zhongguancun standardization is to develop a standard formulation and evaluation system focusing on standard implementation and market promotion.

1When submitting an application for each standard, it is necessary to specifically list in the "Zhongguancun Standard Project Proposal" the technical and market development related to this standard, the important application fields and scope of the standard, and the estimated market application and economic society benefit, It also lists the risks that may be encountered in the implementation of the standards, and encourages research and reporting of relevant situations in the form of specialized research reports.

2In the process of formulating each standard, it is required to continuously analyze and revise the market situation of the standard application in the process of formulation, expert review, approval, and release in the working group. And update relevant documents in real time, and guide the standards to be formulated and released in a way that is most conducive to market adoption and most suitable for market demand.

3After each standard is formulated, the association organizes experts and standard setting units to understand the market implementation of the standard regularly (usually one year).Abolish standards that do not adapt to the development trend of technology and market, standards that are not conducive to the formulation of other Zhongguancun standards, and standards that are not suitable for continued promotion.In the case of difficulties encountered in the implementation of the standard and need to be modified, the standard formulation and revision unit shall be organized to make revisions in a timely manner to facilitate the work after the release of the standard.

4Standard marketization work evaluation is held regularly every year. Within the association, the standard implementation effect is good, the market responds strongly, and standards that have a positive guiding role in the development of the industry and technology are rewarded。The association also organizes post-issuance reviews from time to time, investigates and evaluates the implementation of the published standards, and commends and warns participating units.

4.Innovative association operation model and business model.

Zhongguancun Standardization Association is driven by market demand. Therefore, it has a foreseeable strong vitality and activity. And ZSA will gradually form a profit model that meets the needs of market development, which will support a series of activities based on Zhongguancun standardization, and ensure that the association’s organizational scale, industry influence, service field extension and better membership of the association , Government decision-making, industrial development services.

1Innovate internal management.

The operation mode of the association combines the basic characteristics of the association, and adopts a market-oriented operation method, implements corporate management, conducts KPI assessments on employees, and distributes bonuses after completing work tasks.

The senior management personnel of the association, such as the secretary-general, committee chairmen, and expert group leaders, adopt the appointment system. They are recommended by the units or experts participating in the work of the association, and they adopt the competitive appointment system and vote for determination. Before voting, candidates need to make a campaign speech, report their own situation, future work tasks, ideas about work, and specific work content methods to all members, and member units and individuals will vote for selection.

The association will conduct regular job performance evaluations, and promptly replace or adjust personnel at all levels who are unable to complete tasks within a certain period of time, or who are not strong in work responsibility, and perfunctory, so as to ensure a healthy working environment organized by the association.

2Innovative business model. In addition to the normal collection of certain membership fees, the association will also develop a series of innovative business models to realize the healthy operation of the association.

The association will unite well-known domestic and foreign inspection and testing institutions with competence and qualifications to conduct inspections on Zhongguancun standards. After passing the qualified compliance inspections, they can obtain reasonable authorization and labeling fees.

The association will actively organize conferences, exhibitions and other activities related to the standardization and industrialization of Zhongguancun, and by improving the organizational level and industrial influence of conferences and exhibitions, it will provide participating units with high-quality participation services and subsequent industry guidance and service docking services. In order to obtain the recognition of participating units and industry.

The association will actively organize various platform construction work, such as intellectual property transfer platform, international technology introduction platform, product docking service platform, industry information collection platform, entrepreneurial innovation service platform, small business incubation platform, etc. And the association will expand services Field and content.

The association will combine the important characteristics of the current "Internet +" era, introduce the concept of "Internet +" into the organization and operation of the association, explore new and innovative service models such as crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, and crowd sharing, and continuously improve the standardization of Zhongguancun the service content and level of the association.