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The research group of ZSA went to Beijing Electric Vehicle co., LTD


On the afternoon of May 13, 2019, the research team of ZSA went to Beijing Electric Vehicle co., LTD for investigation. Li Jiangliu, vice President of engineering research institute of Beijing Electric Vehicle co., LTD, jiang Haitao, deputy director of technical support department and Luan Jingchang of standardization department participated in the survey.

The research team first visited the exhibition hall, intuitively understood the company's latest technology and products, then listened to the development of the company, strategic planning and standard work construction and other related introduction of Beijing Electric Vehicle co., LTD, and carried out in-depth exchanges on standardization work and other aspects. The research group also introduced the mission, strategic planning and key work of ZSA in 2019, and expressed the expectation of cooperation between ZSA and enterprises. The two sides reached consensus and cooperation intention on the strategic position of association standards, the transformation of excellent enterprise standards to association standards, and the evaluation of Zhongguancun Standards.

Beijing Electric Vehicle co., LTD is one of the pioneers in the marketization and promotion of pure electric vehicles in China, and has maintained the first market share in the domestic market segment of pure electric passenger vehicles (including M1\N1 category) for 5 consecutive years.From 2010 to 2019, enterprise technical standard system construction of Beijing Electric Vehicle co., LTD has achieved rapid development. From scratch, there have been more than 1400 technical standards by May 2019, and 8 categories of technical standards including product standard, test standard, design specification, simulation analysis, craft standard and material standard have been formed.The unified planning of technical standard system has been completed, and a basically complete enterprise technical standard system will be formed by the end of 2019, with the number of technical standards reaching about 2,000. The follow-up work of enterprise standard will focus on improving the practicability, technological advancement, industry guidance and other aspects of the standard, and gradually develop the leading single technical standard to the leading technical standard system.